Florida Fresh Homemade Soap

Fresh, healthy homemade soaps.

A complete rundown of our first run at soap making.

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We decided to play around with a few recipes we found for beginners in a book on soap making (I’ll put a link to the book in a bit. EDIT:  Homemade soap making book ) we had purchased.



Soapmakers companion

We have this same book we’re using available in our store for purchase.

Purchase the same book.

Homemade First Attempt Samples

A few different oils used between them, we also got a few unexpected color results. Like the purple should have been blue… but we’re not complaining.

Color / Scent / Shape

I. Purple / Berry Breeze / Oval
II. Pink / Lavender / Oval
III. Creme / Lemon / Square
IV.Pink / Lavender / Rectangle
V. Creme / Citrus Mist / Square
VI. Red / Civet / Rectangle
VII. Brown / French Vanilla, beeswax, honey / Square, Oval

Please be kind, it’s our first attempt. Any comments or criticism will be welcomed.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin

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