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Going to finally quit smoking!


ImageSince I’ve been noticing a rise in the use of e-cigs and vapor machines or vaporizers (whatever you want to call them) I’ve been doing some research. I ran across a new web site for that shows me the cheapest prices for vapor related items called penny vapor ( www.pennyvaper.com ), so far I’ve been able to get a good set up and a few vapor items I have no idea what to do with yet for some pretty damned reasonable prices, all without having to go and check every vapor /  e-cig site on my own. They have video reviews for each of the vapor products listed on each page so you can get a good idea of what it is your about to purchase before blowing your money on something that might not be for the vape newbie. I suggest anyone interested in quiting cigarettes and moving onto something safer like vapor /  e-cigs check them out:


I just bought the Kanger Unitank:

Once I get it in the mail, I’ll write up a review on it. Here’s the discription they give:

Kanger Unitank Clearomizer is the newest product from Kanger. It’s the most innovated ego series version. It has all the great feature as Kanger protank series, removable drip tip for convenience, brass metal part for the great feeling and highest quality. Furthermore, the most important improvement is that you have a bottom coil but can fill liquid at top.

2 thoughts on “Going to finally quit smoking!

  1. Thanks for using PennyVaper.com! We love feedback like this from satisfied users. Glad to hear you finally quit smoking and have moved on to electronic cigarettes. Once your tastebuds start to heal you will find that vapor has much better flavor. Again, thanks and enjoy your new ecigs!

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