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Top 5 reasons I’m quiting smoking! (Besides stupid health)

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  1. Ashes FREAKING everywhere! I sit at my computer and smoke.

    ImageI have an ashtray right beside me. But yet, I seem to always ash on my keyboard, around my desk, even behind my monitor! I don’t do it out of spite or rage for my electronics or the shit particle board my desk  is made out of, but it seems no matter what I do or how hard I attempt to hit the ashtray when needed it simply drops all around the unintended places! Then I’m stuck blowing ashes onto the floor or trying to shovel them into the ashtray via my hand which isn’t a pleasant experience by any means.

  2. My white walls are YELLOW!

    ImageMy entire apartment (like most), came in the standard white. I’m not a painter, but yet… I’ve seemed to have done a great job creating a nice yellow atmosphere on each wall. It seems only a darker color or a new paint job could fix this problem. Just another reason why I’ve decided to switch from smoking cigarettes to vapor machine a.k.a e-cigs, which seem to produce no awesome yellow paint job on my clean white walls.

  3. Butts everywhere! (And not the good kind!)

    ImageAll over the place, butts, butts, BUTTS! This isn’t a college frat party or a swingers convention, it’s my own DAMN HOUSE! (Backyard & front yard included!) So many butts they even spill outside! My dog eats them! My vacuum hates them! They’re just useless leftovers from a horrible decision that I’ve made many times over! The damn things are more rampant than cockroaches. Only when I go to Home Depot; there isn’t a spray to get rid of these fuckin’ bastards. Lucky vapor products don’t seem to have these problems. The problems they do come with can’t possibly be as bad as BUTTS EVERY-DAMN WHERE!

  4. Drinking! They go hand in hand!

    ImageIt seems even if I quit (or think I quit) for a week or more, as soon as I crack open my first beer the next thing I’m looking for is a cigarette! And, of course, that always leads to my head hurting from a hangover mixed with my mouth tasting like an ashtray! If anything, I can get rid of at least one of those two devils. Bumming a cigarette (when loaded) is hell! It’s a horrible maneuver! Just like a blind man attempting to complete a Rubik’s cube; it just wasn’t meant to be. With the vapor, I seem to always have enough to last through the night and I wake up with the headache, but not wanting to eat a bar of soap just to cleanse my mouth!

  5. Burning! There ain’t nothing like a cherry getting busted…

    ImageI don’t know about the rest of you perfect people, but my dog’s walked into my cigarette more times than I can count! (Stupid dog and his friggin’ tail!) I’ve also dropped them onto my clothes so many times it’s like a entire colony of moths has taken up residence in my closet. I can’t seem to keep a shirt hole-free for more than a week! Now-a-days the cost of a wardrobe and that of few packs of cigarettes mount up to the point where I need the last name Rockefeller just to keep up with the cost! It seems that sites like Pennyvaper, are the only way to go when it comes to trimming the budget and getting that smoke I so desperately desire.

I am now promoting http://www.pennyvaper.com more than anything I have before. These e-cigs solve alot of these problems I’ve mentioned above and I really don’t have to give up much. In fact, I’m saving more than I thought I would! Plus cigarettes never came in any of the flavors the vaper gives me. My lungs don’t hurt, my house dosen’t smell and my dog want’s nothing to do with eating my machines. My yards doing better, my walls are whiter (well not getting darker) and I’m all around just a more happy mother fucker. Plus, my dog loves me more because I don’t burn is fur off!

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